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6 Novels You Should Read This Fall

The Hot Rock Donald Westlake1. The Hot Rock – Donald Westlake
The Hot Rock is the first in a series of 15 novels featuring hapless criminal John Archibald Dort-munder. Straight out of prison for a crime he absolutely committed, Dortmunder is met at the gates by his friend and partner in crime, Andy Kelp, who has a great idea for a scam. Kelp convinces Dortmunder that this could be their “big score” – all they need is a bit of good luck which unfortunately Dortmunder is a tad short on…

Wuthering Heights Emily Bronte2. Wuthering Heights – Emily Bronte
Emily Bronte’s only novel but arguably the best of the Bronte sisters works. Set against the backdrop of the barren Yorkshire Moors, Catherine Earnshaw’s life is forever changed when her father (a wealthy merchant) returns from Liverpool with a homeless boy he names Heathcliffe. The boy immediately falls in love with the beautiful Catherine setting off a series of events that changes life at Wuthering Heights forever…

Housekeeping Marilynne Robinson3. Housekeeping – Marilynne Robinson
Young orphans, Ruth and Lucille Stone, live in remote Idaho in the lakeside town of Fingerbone. The girls are raised by a succession of relatives, until finally their aunt Sylvie (a strange drifter who becomes the novel’s compelling central character) shows up and commits to staying in Fingerbone to “keep house” for her nieces.

Rebecca Daphne Du Maurier (Mystery)4. Rebecca – Daphne Du Maurier (Mystery)
“Last night I dreamt I returned to Mandalay.” Has any first line ever dragged a reader in quite so completely? This tale of love, betrayal and mystery belongs on the bookshelf of any serious reader. A young bride arrives at the immense estate of her new (much older husband) ready to start her life as lady of the house but nothing is as it seems at Mandalay and the dream quickly turns into a nightmare for the timid second Mrs Maxim DeWinter. If you’ve seen the Hitchcock movie by the same name be prepared for some plot twists the producer removed…

Thank You Jeeves P.G. Wodehouse5. Thank You Jeeves – P.G. Wodehouse (Humor)
Bertram Wooster’s interminable banjo playing has driven Jeeves, the otherwise steadfast “gentleman’s gentleman”, to give notice. But the foppish aristocrat can’t survive without his Shakespeare-quoting, problem-solving valet to advise him. But can the celebrated literary odd couple put things right between themselves again before Berty ruins everything? Grab a copy of P.G. Wodehouse’s “Thank You Jeeves” and immerse yourself in grander timesdevil in kitchen

6. The Devil in the Kitchen: Sex, Pain, Madness and the Making of a Great Chef  – Marco Pierre White
The youngest chef ever to win three coveted Michelin stars; White is a chain-smoking, pot-throwing, multiply married culinary genius whose fierce devotion to food and restaurants has been the only constant in a life of tabloid-ready drama.  In need of a little excitement in your life? Order in from your favorite eatery and spend the evening with Marco