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From The Desk of Dr. D.

I’m finishing writing this as the solar eclipse is happening. It’s cloudy here so watching more online than in person unfortunately. Some friends traveled to Charleston to watch it and had a blast!

Hope and Claire are both back to school. Hope has just begun her final semester of her Masters in Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University. She is sharing an apartment with 2 art majors and is loving her new found freedom with her car. Claire also found a car (which she paid for herself) and is moving into her first apartment. We had dinner with them in Albany at New World restaurant again. It’s now our favorite in the Albany area. My first born daughter Moriah turned 27 in August and is living and working in Albany too.

Remember that we sometimes rent our house in Oneonta to baseball families? Who knew you can’t do airbnb in Oneonta? We got a nasty gram from the city to stop it! Bureaucracy! On a lighter note in government I stood 10 feet from a US Supreme Court judge at Glimmerglass opera in August, Ruth Bader Ginsburg. There was a commissioned comic opera for her and deceased judge Antonin Scalia which was very enjoyable.

IMG_2044Laura and I attended the first annual La Notte Delle Mas-chere “Night of Masks” at The Major’s Inn in Gilbert-sville in August. It was a fun dressy affair with the volun-teer staff doing a great job. We met people there from all over including Australia. A man named Bob who grew up in Gilbertsville in the 1950’s flew in from Minnesota just for the event.

The party was dry and luckily I knew that and brought wine and vodka to share with everyone. It made us very popular with the crowd! We all walked over to the Empire House and had drinks afterwards too. We’re planning to go there for dinner since the menu looks amazing with Middle Eastern Food. You can see the menu at

Delaware County FairI’ve always loved the Delaware County Fair in Walton. I used to go almost every day with the kids in the past but now that they are out of the house, I only go once. This year I went on the Monday evening and it was packed. I saw so many patients and friends that I could hardly walk 10 feet before being stopped to chat. The one and only thing I absolutely have to do each year is to try to shoot out the red star with the pellet gun (in the areas with all the rides) but sadly it wasn’t there this year. But I did have a nice cheesesteak and fries and got to see some derby action too.
My nurse Colleen got married in August (it’s all my staff have been talking about for a year). She looked beautiful of course. Good luck to her and husband Tyler!

IMG_2064Its official: The Perfect Day occurred on Saturday August 19th in the Poconos. It started out warm after a night of rain with a 2 egg breakfast sandwich with fried onions and coffee. Then 3 sets of tennis winning 2 of them including a set of singles (which is hard when you’re 58!) Lunch on the deck was a cheeseburger with hand ground chuck as well as a caprese salad with tomatoes and basil from my patio planter and a cold crisp glass of white wine. The fragrant smell of the mandevilla plant was fab and the citronella plants kept the bugs away. Then off to a wine fest for a few hours, a nap, and dinner with friends with pork chops and grilled corn on the cob. Desert was grilled peaches from the local farmers market. We then walked to a friends house for a party and I brought Moscow Mules (vodka, ginger beer, lime and mint) which were voted best of all the drinks made. Then a little dancing to a some music and finished with watching The Manchurian Candidate on late nite TV… doesn’t get any better than this!