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What Says about ThermiVA is a website that allows women to tell of their experiences for treatments without any editing or corporate interference. I encourage you to go to the website to see for yourself what women are writing about ThermiVA. Here are some of the highlights:

Hello, I ‘d like to share my life changing procedure; THERMIVA

After having a baby nothing was the same.

After having a baby nothing was the same. I heard about Thermiva and decided to give it a shot. Dr. Dima was so amazing! She made feel so comfortable during the procedure and it was so fast! Let me tell you I can’t remember the last time “she” looked so good! And it was SO worth it! I feel like me again!!

34 Mom of 2

Well today I am getting the thermiva treatment at Marina plastic surgery. A friend recently recommended it when I told her a story of me sneezing and peeing on my white couch. How embarrassing!! My 7 yo was like “mom what’s that!” It has never been too bad, I just dealt with it (don’t want surgery) but this sparked my curiosity. After my consult I was still not sold as I have had cervical issues in the past and didn’t want to spark any issues there. When I mentioned to my gynecologist he said “go for it”. So, here I am- going for it!! Eek! So on a side note my BF and I have a great sex life but I figured won’t hurt if it makes that better also haha. I haven’t told him I’m doing it because I’m interested to see if he notices any difference. Again, not like I feel it could get any better because it’s amazing (he’s out of town until Monday). Well, here goes!! Oh and decided to zap my brown spots on my face as well since I’m in there!
Wait! Does My Insurance Pay for This?